NOTE: Pulse Secure is now Ivanti Secure Access. The setup instructions remain the same.

To install on a Mac\iPad\iPhone:

Desktop / Laptop: Download the latest client software from our file server:

(You might need to press Ctrl or Cmd or Shift key while clicking the link depending on your browser)

Mobile: Search the app store for "Ivanti Secure Access Client" and start the installer 

Mac OSX (and later):

1. Open the disk image file and launch the install package.

2. Follow the installation instructions until the installer completes.

3. When the install has finished, please reboot your Mac even if you are not prompted to do so. Ivanti Secure Access will be running on your toolbar.

To connect to the PSI VPN:

1. On the taskbar click the Ivanti Secure Access icon, then click "Open Ivanti Secure Access Client"

2. To configure your first connection click on the "+" icon in the lower left corner.

3. Name it whatever you'd like, but be sure the server URL is correct.

We use two server URLs:

- is the Primary VPN used to connect to office desktops, the cluster and  other servers.

- is the Backup VPN but is also best for accessing the licensing server.

4. Select the PSIUsers Realm (unless otherwise instructed).

5. Enter your PSI user name without the "" part, then enter your password (same as your PSI network login) when prompted.

6. You may disconnect using the same toolbar icon.