(Optional) If want to share a new folder, create it by clicking the "+":

Look to the right of the folder you want to share for the sharing icon and click it:

The sharing options panel should now  open up on the right.  Look for the "Share link" option and click "+" to add a share

You will be prompted to enter in a password (you will be provided with an autogenerated one).  Please don't use anything too simple.  Click the right-pointing arrow to proceed.

The "Share link" option will now look like this:

The first icon is to copy the share URL to your clipboard that you can then paste into an email to notify your collaborators.  By default a read-only share is created and sharing is set to expire in 90 days.  If you need to change any share options, click the three horizontal dots icon.  These are descriptions of the available options:

  • Read only to allow viewing and downloading
  • Allow upload and editing
  • With File drop, the sharee can only upload files to a folder without seeing the files that are already in that folder.
  • Hide download prevents the sharee from downloading
  • Password protect (can change the password from here)
  • Set expiration date will automatically disable the share; the box can be unset to disable expiration but please don't forget about the share
  • Note to recipient
  • Unshare to disable the share
  • Add another link to create multiple public links with different rights; so you could have one link for uploading only and one link for downloading only