Some of you may not be ready to spend money on a physical key. Then there's the issue of what happens when you lose your key. Or you'd need more than one key because not all of your devices have the same kind of USB port.

Backup codes are cheap and just fine -- until you need more than 10 codes. Then what do you do?

This is where code generators, also known as authenticators, come in. They do not require a cell or wifi signal to generate a working code. And because it generates codes, you will never run out of codes.

The two authenticators that the IT team uses are Google Authenticator and Authy. This article only covers Authy. It can be used wherever you can use Google Authenticator You can also create an account so you have the option to generate codes from any device you are logged into -- your phone, your tablet, and even Windows desktop. So if you get a new phone and you remember your Authy password, you aren't locked out of all of your accounts.

Setting up Authy on a smartphone does require access to the camera to scan QR codes. The desktop version apparently does not require a camera, but installation is not covered in this article.

To get started, download the Authy app by searching in your device's app store. (You can also visit ) Make sure you give Authy permission to use your camera.

Go to:

You'll immediately be prompted for a password.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your PSI email address is selected . If a different account is shown (like your personal GMail account), click on the email address listed to switch to your PSI account.

Enter your password and click "Next".

You'll see a list of all of your available second steps. These may be physical keys such as Titankey or YubiKey 5, Google prompts that appear on your smartphone or tablet, voice or text message, Authenticator app, or backup codes.

You may only have one or two of those methods available to you. That's okay. We're going to add an authenticator.

Under "Add more second steps to verify it's you", find "Authenticator app" and click "Set up".

Choose either Android or iPhone and click next.

A QR code will be displayed.

Open Authy on your device. You should see a plus sign somewhere with text that says "add account". Tap that button.

Scan the QR code when prompted.

Click save.

Type in the 6 digit code displayed on your device's screen and click "verify".

That's it!

You can now get unlimited authentication codes on your device -- even if you're offline.