Sometimes you need to travel somewhere without cell reception but still need to check your PSI email. Or you may literally live on the top of a mountain with no cell phone reception. If your default second step is a text message, you might be locked out of your account.

The most low-tech solution to this problem is backup codes.

Each backup code is eight digits long and can only be used once. Ten codes are generated at a time and you can always generate new ones. A code can be used as your second step by clicking "try another way" when logging in.

So here's how to get backup codes set up:

Go to:

You'll immediately be prompted for a password.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your PSI email address is selected . If a different account is shown (like your personal GMail account), click on the email address listed to switch to your PSI account.

Enter your password and click "Next".

You'll see a list of all of your available second steps. These may be physical keys such as Titankey or YubiKey 5, Google prompts that appear on your smartphone or tablet, voice or text message, Authenticator app, or backup codes.

You may only have one or two of those methods available to you. That's okay. We're going to enable backup codes.

Under "Add more second steps to verify it's you", find "Backup codes" and click "Set up".

A window will pop up showing you a list of 8 digit numbers. Download, print, or write them down in a safe place.