Most web browsers aren't set up with privacy in mind.  You can reduce the amount of ads you see and tracking you're subjected to by getting add-ons for your favorite browser.  If you don't want to take the time to experiment with add-ons or get everything just right, you might like Brave.

Brave is powered by Chromium, which is the same backbone for Edge and Chrome. The Brave developers tweaked the code to improve privacy. You can think of it as a stripped down Chrome, or Chrome without Google.  (If you're curious, the developers maintain a whole list of services and features that have been disabled completely or are proxied through Brave's servers. The link will be at the end.)

This means that when you install and run Brave, you don't need to install additional ad or tracking blockers.  The browser does it for you.  As a bonus, Google has less information about you.

You can get Brave by going to

You can read more about Brave's privacy features at following links: