* Aspera Install guide is attached.

* Currently, the install file is located on SE under /home/than/software

* User's will need Aspera accounts for them to be able to use this. The SHARAD team can set up these accounts.

* Replace "usernamegoeshere" with the username of the user you are installing Aspera for.

1. Transfer the install file to the users home directory:

cd /home/than/software

cp aspera-cli- /home/usernamegoeshere

2. Run the program as the user you are installing it for:

cd /home/usernamegoeshere

sudo -i -u usernamegoeshere sh ./aspera-cli- 

3. Add Aspera to $PATH:

export PATH=/home/usernamegoeshere/.aspera/cli/bin:$PATH

4. Install the Aspera man page:

export MANPATH=/home/usernamegoeshere/.aspera/cli/share/man:$MANPATH