Installing The Client

Go to:

Login with your PSI username (your email address without the and your PSI Password.

Click "Install Connect Tunnel"

A window will pop up. Click "Install Connect Tunnel manually".

Follow the on-screen instructions.

When everything is done installing, you'll want to look for a piece of software called Connect Tunnel. 

Adding Configurations:

  • For the Primary VPN:
    • Click on the dropdown menu next to "Configuration" and then click "Add configuration". 
    • A new window will pop up. Name the VPN connection anything you want. 
    • For the server field use "". 
    • Click apply when done.
  • For the Secondary VPN:
    • Repeat the above steps, but use "" in the server field.

To connect:

  • Launch connect tunnel

  • Select a configuration that was created in the previous step

  • click "Connect".

  • You'll be prompted for your PSI username (email address without the and your PSI password.